Photography was a passion for me since 1980 . Started with film photography with a point and shoot camera, then changed to a SLR film camera. Then bought a Pentax camera with autofocus functionality. Due to the frequent traveling to project sites and long work schedules with ERP consulting, I have to put a hold on my Photography.

When Nikon has introduced in 2004 the D70 Digital SLR, I decided to come back with my photography. I got  serious in photography when company  (ENOC) started photography competitions with in the group of 36 companies. Had won few prizes every year and that kept me going on till I resigned; and took the photography as a serious job.

I am an Organizer/ Admin for few Photography groups and teach 'Basic Photography' and 'Advanced Photography' skills to the enthusiast photographers, conduct indoor and outdoor workshops and post-processing images.

My work includes Fashion Photography, Portrait Photography, Family Photography, Wedding Photography, Prenuptial Photography, Events Photography, Kids Photography, Maternity Photography and more..

Photographer: Abdul Aziz Samson

About me

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